Where Should I Study?

Explore your options of different places to study, both domestic and abroad. Studying in a new place can be quite scary, but with the help of these guides you will know what to expect when moving to a new city.

Accepting an offer at a university of TAFE is a big decision, take you time with it and consider all your options.
Completing a certificate or diploma in Victoria is a great option if you want to try an area of study before jumping into a degree.
Making the decision to study is the easy part — working out how to choose the right course and university is often the difficult part.
If high-school isn’t for you or you’re thinking about returning to finish off your last few years of study, then studying VCE classes at a TAFE institute may be for you.
Deferring or changing courses is a natural part of university life. Each student should take the time to pick a course that is best for them.
There are a range of universities in Australia, with different specialisations and courses on offer to potential students.
While the Northern Territory may not be known as a post-high school education hub, there are local education options available.
Learning languages abroad can be much more rewarding than completing language courses in your home country.
 Studying overseas is an incredible opportunity, one that many graduates name as the highlight of their course.
Australian universities offer a world-class level of education, giving students from across the world the chance to study a range of subjects.
Deciding to take a gap year is a very personal decision and while it may seem like a good idea and be very beneficial for some, it is not an option that will suit everyone. 
Tertiary students can study a range of disciplines while living in South Australia, with a few universities available for selection.
Before deciding on a country to study abroad in, you have to take your interests and capabilities into consideration, as well as why you are studying abroad in the first place.
Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania, with a range of events and attractions to keep students entertained during their study breaks.
Not sure what your options are for university in Melbourne? Learn about the campuses and their locations here.