What Should I Study?

Find out what you should study with the help of our guides and quizzes. Look at all the different areas of study to help you narrow in your preferred course. The process of starting a course may seem daunting, but we have it all explained for you here.

Some tips and advice for new students on what to consider and how to select electives for the upcoming semester.
Studying to become a doctor requires a large amount of study, consistency and academic excellence, but it is perfect for people who like to look after and care for others.
If you would like to help people improve their health but don’t want to deal with blood and wearing scrubs, then pharmacy may be for you.
A Bachelor of Arts is a one-size-fits-all degree where students are able to tailor their degree to their areas of interest and what is available at the uni.
Students need to study for five years to become a dentist, with further study options available for those who wish to specialise.
Clueless on which bachelor degree to choose from? This animation from Jessica Dey will advise you on some vital questions and ways to feel more comfortable when choosing a bachelor's degree.
The ADF is the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Army. Civilians can enlist from 17 years of age.
There are a range of ways to study at a postgraduate level once your undergraduate studies are complete.
Deferring or changing courses is a natural part of university life. Each student should take the time to pick a course that is best for them.
Studying science can seem like a daunting task, but students should enjoy the flexibility that they have within a general science degree.
If you are interested in how or why issues are constructed and represented within society and public policy, then studying social science may be for you.
There are a range of different ways to study sports and exercise sciences after your high school studies are complete. 
Firefighters have one of the busiest and most valuable jobs within society; they help those in need and protect the vulnerable from fires.
Mathematics is a broad area of study, with a range of course options available for potential students.
It is important that you do your research and find a music degree that is best suited to your skills and career interests.
This article aims to help you work out what to study by walking you through a series of questions and prompts.