Study Skills

By taking in some of these handy study skills you'll be able to study more efficiently and keep your stress level down. These tips prepare you for all types of assessments that you will encounter while at university.

Many students have that one lecturer or tutor with too many anecdotes, hard to grasp information or a bad attitude. Your fellow students offer their tips in getting the most out of your classes
There are a range of ways to study at a postgraduate level once your undergraduate studies are complete.
Developing a PhD topic can be the most exciting experience you undertake as a student, with the chance to explore and explain a topic of your choosing.
Clingy parents are difficult to handle, but it can be easier if you work out how to negotiate with them.
You will have to complete tasks in groups, so we've explained the characters that you will encounter and tell you how to deal with them all.
Improving upon grammar and spelling can be a cumbersome task for the best of us, but with some patience and dedication, it can be done.
Are you regularly working on assignments right up to the last minute before your deadline? Don't procrastinate, get it done and enjoy life.
There are many assessments you will encounter in your university life. One of which, (dreaded by some) is the group assessment.
Fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is one of the most common phobias, but there are ways to help you keep calm and stay positive.
What is plagiarism and how can you avoid it? Renee Burns-Woods explains how to give credit where it is due in your research and assignments.
Extra tutoring is available for students at university should they wish to get help outside of class hours.
Learn how to prepare for an exam or test without cramming — yes, it can be done! Find out how to study effectively and ace that exam by reading our tips on good study habits.
Avoid any first-year class mishaps and learn about the differences in tutorials, lectures and laboratory classes taught at university.
Read this comprehensive comparison of face-to-face and online study and work out which one is the best teaching style for you.
Read our tips and tricks to help you stress less during semester and enjoy your time as a uni student without feeling overwhelmed.