Prepare Yourself for Australia

Many topics are explored in Prepare Yourself for Australia for international students looking to learn about life Down Under. If you want to learn about the most popular Australian sports, getting over homesickness, travelling around the country or banking in Australia, then you're come to the right place.

The ISIC is a great way to save some money while living the life of a student.
Sometimes you can search a list of hundreds of migration agents on the internet but which one you should go with.
International students wishing to work in Australia may be able to do so by applying for any of the four visas in this article.
Looking for a place, applying and then moving in can be fun, but it can also seem quite stressful, but the process can be lots of fun, too.
Working and living in Australia is a dream to many people around the world, and for some people it’s a reality. If your skills are in demand, then you may find it quite easy to get a job.
Applying to study in Australia can be easy, if you are well­ prepared! The process will take time, but it will hopefully be worth the effort in the end.
Australia is a big country, with some large cities and vast distances, so many people choose to drive cars.
Sport is a large part of Australia's culture and national identity, and Australians love to support their local and national teams.
It would be a wasted opportunity if you studied in Australia and didn’t explore it — take the chance to explore this vast and diverse land.
Health care and medical services in Australia are generally very good, with a range of medical services available throughout the country.
There are tips and tricks you should know if you want to transition into university life with ease.
There are a variety of universities that you can apply for and attend to obtain a degree in your area of interest.
Read about Australian currency and the many ways to protect your banking information and identity while studying in Australia.
With an abundance of service providers it can be hard to choose a connecting service. Here are some helpful tips for selection.