Getting work experience while studying could benefit you in the long run and help you secure a graduate job. Here you can look into how to go about getting an internship or part time job within your field of study. Read more about writing resumes, gaining employability skills, interview tips and more to help you secure that dream job.

Students from low socio-economic areas are struggling to get their desired work experience, but some people are tackling that problem head on.
Sometimes you can search a list of hundreds of migration agents on the internet but which one you should go with.
Reference checking, pre-screening and the interview itself are all part of the employment process.
Do you know the difference between a structured and an unstructured interview format? Each job interview structure is examined and explained here!
It is important that you are punctual and prepared for your interview. Find out how to ace the interview and get the job with ease.
Radio producers complete much of the administrative responsibilities related to creating a radio show.
Personal assistants work for a single employer, often helping them in both personal and professional matters.
Librarians perform various administrative and clerical tasks related to the collection and organisation of information.
Legal clerks provide administrative support for legal professionals such as lawyers in court cases.
Laggers use a range of materials to apply insulation to buildings as they are being constructed.
Kitchenhands help staff in a restaurant, cafe or food service area with ad hoc tasks in the kitchen.
A joiner will create wooden components for new and existing structures.
ICT Support Technicians help customers to install and utilise their computer systems and recently purchased technology.
Interpreters translate verbal information from one language into another.
An interior designer will plan and design an interior location to suit the needs of their client.
Financial advisers provide tips and advice to their clients on various financial matters.