Housing & Accommodation

Are you moving out of home? Leaving home and studying in a new location can be both scary and exciting at the same time. If you are prepared, then you should have a great time in your new home. In Housing and Accommodation, you will find information on renting, living with housemates, managing your money and more.

Airbnb is a website where you can locate and list places for rent.
Living with others in a share apartment or house can be fun, exciting and never dull. 
If you have already decided what course you're studying and your preferred university, then the next step is to know where you should live. 
Homestay is when an international student lives with a local host family. It can be a very beneficial aspect of a student's global education.
There are both pros and cons to living on campus. Learn about your options when studying at university here with Study My Way.
Looking for a place, applying and then moving in can be fun, but it can also seem quite stressful, but the process can be lots of fun, too.
Renting a property is an important step in becoming independent, but it is important that you are well-informed before signing anything.
If you live in a share house, you will at some point in time encounter having a really annoying roommate.
With an abundance of service providers it can be hard to choose a connecting service. Here are some helpful tips for selection.
Whether in a share house or your own private rental, there are responsibilities to for you and the property’s owners to uphold.
What are your landlord's obligations when you rent their property? Learn about your entitlements here.
On-campus accommodation can be great for new university students…but is it the best option for you? Find out more about living on campus here. 
You need to consider both the positives and negatives of each candidate before choosing your next roommate.
Read these tips before arriving in Australia and learn how to stay safe when roaming the streets.
Thorough research will help a student discover the different types of accommodation available.