Everything a Student Needs

If you are a student, then chances are that you have concerns about your money, your location, health and life in general. In Everything a Student Needs, you will find a whole range of articles written you help you work out your travel options, your finances, how to stay healthy and how to study well to ensure academic and personal success. 

Living in a foreign country is nonetheless an uncertain experience despite the excitement in the first few days. You have left your friends and families, all your familiar hanging-out places, and the comfort of knowing where to go on the weekends.
Nexus Notes is a class notes-sharing platform, perfect for those of us who spend more time listening in class than writing.
Balancing all your commitments is difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. 
A car is the first big investment for many people, so it is important that you carefully select your car and learn how to maintain it.
Find out how to get some experience in your industry and put what you learn into practice.
Three students talk about their attempts to achieve a work — life balance and offer tips on how to live a balanced life.
Many students have that one lecturer or tutor with too many anecdotes, hard to grasp information or a bad attitude. Your fellow students offer their tips in getting the most out of your classes
Clingy parents are difficult to handle, but it can be easier if you work out how to negotiate with them.
You will have to complete tasks in groups, so we've explained the characters that you will encounter and tell you how to deal with them all.
When studying or living away from home, it is recommended that you take out appropriate cover for your own health and peace of mind.
No matter what kind of emergency situation you find yourself dealing with, the most important thing to do is to stay calm.
Though seemingly impossible to juggle your responsibilities, the key is to take a step back, breathe and maintain a sense of balance.
Make sure that you have everything organised for your travels before you arrive in Australia.
Graduation Day is your chance to relax and be recognized for your hard work, so enjoy your day and make it one to remember!
Homesickness is prevalent among international students, however there are measures you can take to avoid it affecting you too much.
Being aware of a selection of discounts will not only help you save your spending money, but can also help your friends save too!